How did you become a pet collector, or what was the reason you became one?

It started back in Beta of 2004 for World of Warcraft that as a young kid back then, I was fascinated and got excited over seeing the critters in the game. This made me start out as a Hunter so I could tame and sort of "capture" the larger creatures as pets. When the game was released, one of my parents decided to get the Collectors Edition. I cannot explain how happy I was to find that letter in my mailbox on creating a new character that allowed me to receive one of three pets, the panda, zerglings, or mini diablo. What little girl wouldn't pick the panda? I still have that panda to this day and he's named Cupcake. Throughout the years my mother and I would find quests and vendors that sold these pet cages, allowing us to summon the critters that made me spend time out in the different zones just doing /hug and /love emotes. So you can already tell that when they made the pet battles and pet journal account wide, my wow-long dream came true, spurring me even further to collect all the pets I could.

Why make a wiki for pet collecting?

There's so much information that goes into pet collecting that it's ridiculous and can be looked as overwhelming. Especially if you want to min/max the pets you plan to use for battling, which there are addons to better gather that information in-game for each pet you encounter. I, myself, tend to get frazzled over how many unique pets there are to gather since it exploded into such a huge time sink for an MMO. My mother is also a pet collector and I pass my information down to her so she can catch up as well as having friends ask me where to find this rare pet or what rare spawn drops that pet. After some time I just decided to start on this project to share what information I've gathered and have retained over the years to give to others that I have raided with, guilded with, or even just passed onto a fellow pet collector.

Lunastone, Resto Druid of the Alliance/Horde

I am known as Lunastone, Luna for short and is a nickname that has stuck for years. A few may have known me before as Krisella, Dragonlilly, or Evolf. Originally I started on the mother server named Llane, bounced between Black Dragonflight, Staghelm, Deathwing, as well as Zul'jin. My home server is Zul'jin now, Horde side, but my main is Alliance and moving to a new server Madoran, to join in name finally, with the guild I raid with.


World of Warcraft is not the only game I play, as I can be found streaming when I have the chance playing all of Blizzard's other games (SC2, D3, Hearthstone, HotS, and Overwatch) as well as Minecraft, FFXIV Heavensward, Guild Wars 2, and quite a few other big named games. I enjoy gaming as I meet some of the greatest people through them and the opportunities to meet these people at conventions, like BlizzCon.

  • Twitter - not used often but automatically posts when I am streaming
  • [PSN Lunarictide] - Found online actively here either playing FFXIV, Minecraft, or watching Anime
  • Lunastone#1959 - tag, feel free to add me if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat, I don't bite.. for a worgen!
  • Luna's Twitch - Twitch stream
  • [Skype Rosalianwolf] - Active here as well since I don't hand out Facebook information
  • Shiba Inu - Random video for giggles because Shiba Inus are the second best breed of dogs in my opinion (opens Facebook)