Dread Wastes' Wild Pets
Name Level Type Location
Emperor Crab 23-25 Aquatic Secondary Combatant
Clouded Hedgehog 23-25 Beast Everywhere
Crunchy Scorpion 23-25 Beast Everywhere
Silent Hedgehog 23-25 Beast Everywhere
Rapana Whelk 23-25 Critter Along the waterline east following from Soggy's Gamble
Resilient Roach 23-25 Critter All along the "blighted" path with the Klaxxi Enemies
Amber Moth 23-25 Flying Kor'Vess
Dread Wastes' Oddly Obtained Pets
Name Level Type Location
Aqua Strider 1 Aquatic Obtained by killing Nalash Verdentis for the Hollow Reed, spawns in the middle of the Lake of Stars (1-1.5hr respawn timer)
Grinder 1 Elemental Obtained by killing Karr the Darkener for the Imbued Jade Fragment, spawns slightly south of Lion's Redoubt in the ruins near the Forgotten Mire along the wall (1-1.5hr respawn timer)