Krasarang Wilds' Wild Pets
Name Level Type Location
Sifang Otter 23-25 Aquatic Shoreline between Krasarang Wilds and The Jade Forest
Sifang Otter Pup 23-25 Aquatic Important for catching a Primary - Found on the small Islands between Krasarang Wilds and The Jade Forest
Spiny Terrapin 23-25 Aquatic Along shorelines and Islands
Wanderer's Festival Hatchling 23-25 Aquatic East shore of The Incursion - Festival Event happens every Sunday between 9pm and 11pm Server Time
Amethyst Spiderling 23-25 Beast Jungle-line along the shores
Feverbite Hatchling 23-25 Beast Everywhere
Jungle Grub 23-25 Beast Everywhere
Sumprush Rodent 23-25 Beast Can be easily captured by someone who can use the Rodent Crate (2000 Domination Point Commission)
Savory Beetle 23-25 Critter Everywhere
Luyu Moth 23-25 Flying Everywhere
Mei Li Sparkler 23-25 Flying Everywhere
Sea Gull 23-25 Flying Along shorelines and Islands
Krasarang Wilds' Oddly Obtained Pets
Name Level Type Location
Tiny Goldfish 1 Aquatic Nat Pagle - Must be Honored with The Anglers, 250g