Valley of the Four Winds
Name Level Type Location
Sifang Otter 23-25 Aquatic Along the Lakes
Sifang Otter Pup 23-25 Aquatic Important in catching a Primary - Found on the small Islands between Krasarang Wilds and The Jade Forest
Softshell Snapling 23-25 Aquatic Pools of Purity
Bandicoon 23-25 Critter Paoquan Hollow
Bandicoon Kit 23-25 Critter Paoquan Hollow
Malayan Quillrat 23-25 Critter Everywhere
Malayan Quillrat Pup 23-25 Critter Found in packs with the Malayan Quillrat
Marsh Fiddler 23-25 Critter Everywhere
Shy Bandicoon 23-25 Critter Paoquan Hollow
Valley of the Four Winds' Oddly Obtained Pets
Name Level Type Location
Red Cricket 1 Critter Becoming Best Friends with Sho
Terrible Turnip 1 Humanoid Harvested from planting a ominous seed that can be randomly obtained from harvesting any vegetable grown crop